Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who are You Reflecting?


Leaving my house the other day, I grabbed my purse, coffee and keys and stepped out into the garage. I pressed the “unlock” button on my car key, and the loud “BEEP- BEEP” sounded in response. Shortly afterwards I heard the chime ring “BEEP-BEEP” once again. “That’s strange” I thought, “I didn’t push the button again?” I waited for a second in the silence, staring at my keys waiting for it to malfunction again.  Once more I heard the familiar “BEEP-BEEP” resounding in the morning sky. I glanced over and noticed a little bird in the tree, echoing the beeping sound back to me. It was IDENTICAL! How funny. I pressed the lock and unlock button a couple more times to see if the bird would mirror the sounds again, sure enough with each BEEP he BEEPED back ever so clearly! He probably didn’t know why he repeated the noise, it was just something that he heard and it became natural to him to emulate.


This peaked my interest: How often are we just like that? We repeat whatever it is we hear; we mirror whatever is demonstrated to us. We reflect our surroundings, even though we may not realize it.


Think back to the last time you saw a scary movie…After the movie was over, what were your thoughts consumed with? Probably scary images from the horror you just witnessed!


So, if that is the case, then the things we listen to, our circle of friends, what we watch and read, can deeply affect us….


So why don’t we do something about it!?


Why do we STILL listen to depressing or degrading music?  Or watch the shows that reflect immorality? Can anyone honestly say that the shows, that music, those magazines don’t affect them!? How about the people that you spend time with?  After you visit with them, are you lifted up? Encouraged? Inspired?


We spend time immersed in social media, entertainment, and the things of this world, and then we cry out to God that we feel LOST, or that He feels far away!


What would happen if we started to replace those things in our lives with what could make us more HOLY. The world has enough garbage constantly pulling us away from who we are supposed to be. Why not set ourselves up for success by taking charge of the things we CAN control. By surrounding ourselves with His presence, with His word, we will be equipped to reflect His image, His good and perfect image; and with it the peace and assurance knowing we are fulfilling our purpose.

“And (you) have put on your new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its Creator” Colossians 3:10

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