Saturday, May 19, 2012

Choosing Joy!

The other day I was walking outside with my 3 friends. As we trotted back to our car, my first friend spotted some bright colored roses planted right off the walkway. She picked up her pace to a speed walk and went right up to a vibrant pink rose, stopped, and breathed in its intoxicating perfume. My second friend snickered as she did this and joined in on smelling the sweet fragrance. I stopped and watched as my two friends smiled and took a moment to breathe in the new spring roses. Our third friend glanced over, but kept walking towards the parking lot. She did not stop to watch their enjoyment, nor did she stop to sniff the striking flowers...

As we proceeded to walk towards the parking lot, I began to consider the obvious metaphor that was just revealed before me, an obvious portrayal of life’s ever present decisions. The first friend had one goal in mind as soon as she spotted the beautiful display of God’s nature.  She decided in her heart to stop and enjoy some of life’s simplest pleasures. The second friend may not have even thought to stop and smell the roses, but she saw the example of our first friend, and decided to take one minute and share in the same joy.

God bless people like my first friend, who remind us constantly of the joy God brings us on this Earth, moment by moment. How often are we like me, or the second friend, and just don’t even see the opportunity for joy? We don’t even notice when God shares a glimpse of His face with us, because we are “too self-involved” and “too caught up” in life. How often are we like the third friend, and decide against joy, decide against peace, decide against momentary bliss because we are “too busy”. Today, make a choice, DECIDE to look for Gods pleasures, Gods joys, and look for Gods tiny pictures of love, which he displays so often, if we would only look for, stop and smell the roses. 

“You have made known to me the path of life; 
You will fill me with joy in your presence, 
 with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” 
Psalm 16:11

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are you living life to your full potential?

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
 –Albert Einstein

God has created us so uniquely, each person intrinsically different from the next. Our gifts and strengths could be someone else’s weaknesses. Our own shortcomings could be where the next person flourishes. So why is it that we exhaust ourselves to the point of defeat when we cannot do something as well as the other person; or if we don’t look the way we think we ought to look? Why is it that we have developed a self-deprecating attitude of self-pity, all the while our gifts are being WASTED. Do not waste your innate potential for greatness because you are too consumed with negative thoughts. You are who you are for a purpose, for Gods purpose, because He created you to be USED to your full potential.  

You can now make a choice: Do you want to live in the shadow of someone else’s full potential? OR do you want to break out of your own self-inflicted misery and live a life boasting in the gifts God has equipped you with. 

“For what gives you the right to make such a judgment? What do you have that God hasn't given you? And if everything you have is from God, why boast as though it were not a gift?” 1 Corinthians 4:7